Sneeze instructions

With covid 19, there have been so many helpful instructional visual aids made to teach us all to sneeze into our elbows.

We do, however need an updated poster for women who have had children.

When sneezing, cross your legs and do a keegle squeeze… to prevent peeing πŸ˜‰


More fun challenges, for two points. Walk into your grocery store and ask the clerks where you can find “oinkies in afghans”.

Keep repeating it, and then, with great exasperation, say, “you know, pigs in a blanket!”


Oh my universe! The recipe I found for the picture for this blog actually says “de-pudged!”

Shout out to whoever came up with that name. My hat is off to you, and you get 10 pts!

Small Cracks :)

To my brother-in-law, the chiropractor, some gratitude on the occasion of your birthday.

Thank you for always having my back!

Your teasing me over the years was a pain in my neck, but thank you for always fixing that after πŸ˜‰

Thank you for all your support (pillows).

Happy Birthday!!!

Well done!

So my sister orders breakfast, bacon and eggs, and asks for it all to be β€œwell done”.

Then i order a salad and salmon and say β€œi don’t want it well done. But i do want u to do a great job!” πŸ˜‰. Get it ??

2 pts if u do this!